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CME is a renowned company specializing in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality level switches for various industries. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of reliable level measurement solutions. Our wide range of level switches caters to diverse applications and is known for their accuracy, durability, and advanced functionality.

At CME, we understand the critical importance of precise level measurement in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and many others. Our level switches are designed to effectively monitor and control liquid and solid levels, ensuring optimal process performance, enhanced safety, and regulatory compliance.

Product Portfolio:

1. Float Level Switches: CME offers a comprehensive range of float level switches, including side-mounted and top-mounted variants. These switches utilize a buoyant float that rises or falls with the liquid level, triggering a switch mechanism to indicate the level. We provide different materials of construction, such as stainless steel, brass, or plastic, to suit the specific requirements of various substances and operating conditions.

2. Vibrating Fork Level Switches: Our vibrating fork level switches are designed to detect the presence or absence of a wide range of bulk solids and liquids. They utilize a tuning fork-like structure that vibrates at its natural frequency. When the fork comes into contact with the medium, the vibrations change, triggering the switch to indicate the level. These switches are highly reliable, suitable for both high and low temperatures, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

3. Capacitance Level Switches: CME offers capacitance level switches that utilize the principle of changes in electrical capacitance to detect the presence or absence of liquid or solid materials. These switches are highly versatile and can be applied to a variety of substances, including conductive and non-conductive materials. They offer high sensitivity, accurate level detection, and are suitable for challenging applications with corrosive or viscous media.

Service Capabilities:

1. Customization: At CME, we understand that each industry and application has unique requirements. Therefore, we provide customization services to tailor our level switches according to specific customer needs. Our experienced engineers collaborate closely with clients to understand their process parameters, operating conditions, and desired functionalities, ensuring that the level switches meet their exact specifications.

2. Installation and Commissioning: We offer comprehensive installation and commissioning services to ensure that our level switches are seamlessly integrated into our clients' systems. Our team of skilled technicians possesses in-depth knowledge of our products and follows industry best practices to ensure proper functioning and accurate measurement.

3. Technical Support: CME is committed to providing exceptional customer support throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our dedicated technical support team is available to assist customers with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or maintenance requirements. We strive to ensure uninterrupted operation and maximum efficiency of our level switches.

CME is dedicated to continuous innovation and improvement, consistently delivering cutting-edge level switch solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide. With our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have earned the trust of numerous clients and established ourselves as a leading level switch manufacturer in the market.

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