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Lenexa, KS  |  913-888-2630

SOR® level switches have earned a long-time reputation for their high quality, rugged construction and reliable performance under the most demanding applications. All float level switches are individually built with strict attention to detail to meet the exact specifications of your process. Available as float level switches and displacer level switches, our product offering provides superior...

SOR Inc. $$$

Monterey, CA  |  831-373-0200

Sierra Instruments is a leading provider of flow measurement and control solutions for industrial and research applications. The company has been in business for over 40 years, and during that time, it has built a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable products and exceptional customer service.
One of the key products offered by Sierra Instruments is its range of Level Switches, ...

Sierra Instruments $$$

Hillside, IL  |  708-236-6000

Distributing electronic tank level switches is the focus of our company. Let us solve your level gauging needs. We offer liquid level switches by Delavan, Omnitrol, Shand & Jurs and L&J Engineering. Some types include top mounted level switches, and liquid level switches offering alarm systems.

L & J Technologies $$$

Davenport, IA  |  800-845-0927

CME manufactures pressure switches, differential switches, level switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches and solid state pressure switches. CME serves a range of industries and markets with quality switches and related components. Call us today or visit our website for more information on our products and services.

CME $$$

Houston, TX  |  888-566-2668

AMOT USA remains a ground-breaker in temperature and pressure sensing and control. We have pioneered quality components, including level switches, for nearing 60 years. Try our electric level switch, stainless steel pneumatic level valve and other mechanisms for a total engine solution. Other products include a line of pressure switches.


Fultonville, NY  |  800-833-0081

Anderson Insturment Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality pressure gauges, pressure switches, level switches and other transmitter instruments for the sanitary process of a variety of industries such as beverage, dairy, fluid food, biopharmaceutical. Our instrumentation will meet or exceed all requirements for performance, reliability, cleanability, and sterilization.

Anderson-Negele $$$

Granite Bay, CA  |  916-315-2691

Cannon Water Technology is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and products. The company is headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and has been in business for over 30 years. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians, Cannon Water Technology is dedicated to providing top-quality products and services that meet the needs of its customers.
One of the...

Cannon Water Technology Inc. $$$

Minnetonka, MN  |  800-328-6170

Electro-Sensors manufactures a complete line of motion monitoring and speed control systems for industrial machinery including: Speed Sensors, Speed Sensitive Switches, Tachometers, Counters, Speed to Analog Converters, Digital Pulse Generators, Closed Loop Motor Speed Control Systems, and Material Level Controls. We have over 35 years experience manufacturing reliable products.

Electro-Sensors, Inc. $$$

Dallas, TX  |  800-852-9984

FPI Sensors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality liquid level sensors and controls. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, FPI Sensors has developed a reputation for providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. The company is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota and serves customers worldwide.
FPI Sensors specializes in the design,...

FPI Sensors International $$$

Oxnard, CA  |  800-562-2447

Since 1956, Harwil Corporation has been providing quality design and manufacturing of electro mechanical fluid flow and liquid level switches as well as pump emergency shutdown controllers. All of Harwil’s level switches are designed with a focus on producing simple, reliable, low cost units with broad operating flexibility in a multitude of physical, thermal and chemical operating environments.

Harwil Corporation $$$

Edwardsburg, MI  |  800-634-4077

Mercury Displacement Industries manufactures liquid level switches. Wide and narrow mechanical or mercury type floats, high temperature floats and vertical floats are also available. Our float level switches, mechanical level switches and liquid level switches are designed for water and sewage.

Mercury Displacement Industries, Inc. $$$

South Plainfield, NJ  |  800-631-5454

Miller Energy is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality industrial process control and instrumentation products. The company has a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and water and wastewater treatment. Among their product line, their Level Switches stand out as a key solution for ...

Miller Energy, Inc. $$$

Hillside , IL  |  708-236-6000

Omnitrol's liquid level control is a "snap action" switch. It needs no calibration and has positive switching action. Features of our level switch product include stainless steel trim, ceramic magnets and pivot bearings. The adaptability feature means that it can handle many liquid applications.

Omnitrol $$$

Detroit Lakes, MN  |  218-847-1317

The pioneering efforts 30 years ago made the first Tank Alert® alarm and Sensor Float® control switch. Today, SJE-Rhombus has become a leading manufacturer of reliable, trouble-free liquid level controls for the water, wastewater and sewage industries. Our complete product line includes Build-A-Panel™ control panels, engineered custom systems, Tank Alert® alarm systems, pump and control...

SJE Rhombus $$$

Berwyn, PA  |  800-899-9783

TE Connectivity is an OEM manufacturer of RTD probes, thermocouples, thermocouple assemblies and thin film temperature sensors. We have served the refrigeration, packaging equipment, power generation, aerospace, consumer appliance, semiconductor and fiber optics industries since 1976.

TE Connectivity $$$

Cincinnati, OH  |  513-272-0131

Vega Inc. has been a leader in the level switch industry for over 60 years. We serve a wide range of industries including industrial, chemical, and energy. With plants in over 80 countries, we are one of the best in the industry worldwide.

Vega Inc. $$$
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