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Chambered level switches are a type of level sensor that helps measure the amount of liquid inside a container. The switches can also alert the factory workers to when the levels in the containers are too high or too low, preventing dangerous accidents in the factory. Because of their effective use and safety additions, chambered level switches have a variety of applications in all kinds of manufacturing industries. Below you can find a list of applications for standard chamber level switches:

Food preparation: The enclosed nature of a chambered switch makes it ideal for use in the food preparation industry. Safety and cleanliness is extremely important when working with food, and chambered switches keep the components of the switch from ever touching the food. A chambered switch can identify the level of a liquid in a container, such as liquid sugar, melted candies and ingredients, milk and other dairy products, and other food-related materials.

Automotive industry: Chamber level switches are used in the automotive industry to identify the level of transmission fluid and fuel inside a vehicle. The chamber around the switch keeps the somewhat corrosive materials from damaging the switches and distorting the reading. Accuracy is important in the vehicle industry, which is why chambered switches are so important.

Chemical processing: Any time dangerous chemicals are in play, it is necessary to have additional protection and coatings for all materials involved near the chemicals. A chamber around a sensor can protect the delicate mechanisms inside the switch from toxic or corrosive chemicals.

Metal forging: Even the metal industry sometimes uses level switches to monitor the level of liquids in the metal forming or forging process. The sensors are often used to ensure the level of liquid metal or chemical additives do not get too high or low. Chambered switches are essential for keeping the switch components safe from molten metal and harsh chemicals that could damage the internal mechanisms of the switches.

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